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Salma Jafri Media YouTube Certified Inbound Marketing Certified

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Salma Jafri is a Video Marketing Coach, Consultant and Speaker. She helps entrepreneurs and brands build their online visibility through the power of video. She is both YouTube Certified, and Inbound Marketing Certified, placing her in the unique position to build a brand’s organic video marketing strategy.

Salma has worked with brands such as Deloitte, Elance/Upwork, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions and Dell’s Tech Page One. She was also the Team Lead for Google Business Groups for Women.

Salma hosts a weekly show on YouTube called “Be The Media”, through which she provides education and training on video marketing.

Salma speaks on international stages around the world, such as VidSummit, Video Marketing World, INBOUND, Global Entrepreneurship Week, 021Disrupt, Tech Forum Asia and Content Marketing Academy Live.

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Salma Jafri