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Vanessa Cabrera is an award winning online marketing consultant and a dynamic speaker who travels the country helping passionate entrepreneurs understand how to use social media to skyrocket their online visibility so the world knows who they are!

Born to be a Badass Boss, Vanessa has proven that it does not take a monster team, a huge email list or 10k Instagram followers to profit from your passion.

The ultimate creative at heart together with her unique ability to clearly see how her clients can become absolute online Rock Stars is what makes her a force to be reckoned with. Entrepreneurs turn to Vanessa when they’re ready to turn their likes into sales and their followers into customers.

The fact that she’s mastered how to multiply money using LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram is what makes her an absolute powerhouse. She’s the creator of the ATM - All Things Marketing, her group consulting program that teaches clients how to put their social leads on steroids using the biggest social media platforms on the planet.

She’s also the founder of the Money-Making Marketing Blueprint. Her signature 1:1 private consulting program where she lays out the money brick road by creating an online marketing plan customized and designed exclusively for one’s persona and business goals.

A one-woman show, Vanessa built Cabrera Consulting to a thriving business in just 3 years! Now well known for her contagious energy, feisty no BS consulting style, Vanessa has also become a sought after speaker where she shares her personal success story of how she started her consulting business after losing her 6 figure Director of Marketing corporate position, becoming newly pregnant and left to raise her child on her own as a single mother.

Her ultimate passion is being able to guide, support, encourage and empower others to become incredibly successful online entrepreneurs. She hopes her story will empower women to become badass bosses in their own right.

Her message is, if she can do can YOU!

She jams every one of her sessions with countless (NO FLUFF) online strategies to which attendees are able to implement immediately upon leaving any one of her sessions. Vanessa refers to herself as a #singlemompreneur who’s an avid Kickboxer, a bit of a Beer Buff, but her true passion and hustle comes from her 5 year old son, Matteo.

She’s brilliant, bold, unapologetic and the ultimate master at digital marketing.

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