Molly Mahoney

Build Community and Profits With Live Video: Even If You Don't Want To Go On Camera!

A Session by Molly Mahoney (The Prepared Performer)

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About this Session

If you slip away... so will your customers and clients. This is the time to show up. The playing field is even! Even Jimmy Fallon is doing the Tonight Show online from home on his phone! Our customers want real relatable help, and they will pay you for it if you have the proper strategy in place.

Live Video is the easiest, quickest way to show up and connect, AND it's possible to turn each video into 100s of pieces of content!!

In this session Molly will give you the confidence to create juicy content that allows you to build deeper connections that that convert into sales!

*This will work for any type of business - from Dance Studios to Dentists. YOU are an expert! It's time to #showup!

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Video Content Planner, Favorite Tools, and more!


Video Content Planner, Favorite Tools, and more!


May 01, 2020, 02:00 AM

02:00 AM - 03:00 AM

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Molly Mahoney

Molly Mahoney

The Prepared Performer