Mary Fain Brandt

Bite-Size Tips to Build Your Brand with LinkedIn Live

A Session by Mary Fain Brandt (The LinkedIn Bakery)

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šŸ˜€Smile and hit the record button!

The power of LIVE streaming has elevated my brand and provided me with some amazing opportunitiesā€¦ like becoming a LinkedIn Live Producer. That wasnā€™t even a thing in early 2019!

What are you missing out on because youā€™re afraid to go LIVE?

Donā€™t let your fear of the unknown hold you back any longer.

Hit the LIVE buttonšŸ”˜now!

Wondering if itā€™s worth it?

Check these numbers out:

LinkedIn Live gives you access to decision makers unlike other platforms.. 4 out of 5 people on LinkedIn ā€œdrive business decisionsā€ why not get in front of them to sell your products or services? Cut through the red tape and get in front of those C- level decision makers now by going LIVE!

Did you know that out of the 670 million users, there are roughly only 3 million content creators on LinkedIn-- thatā€™s less than 1%! Why is this important? Because this is a HUGE opportunity for you to stand out in the sea of social media sameness and get your brand out there!

Linkedin is growing every year, theyā€™ve turned a once clunky platform that I used to refer to as the ugly duckling of the social media platforms into a beautiful swan.

Engagement has grown over 50% year after year ,and LIVE shows rank higher in the algorithms getting you more engagement!

Iā€™ll share how to create a successful LinkedIn Live Show and what NOT TO DO.

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April 30, 2020, 05:00 PM

05:00 PM - 05:30 PM

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Mary Fain Brandt

Mary Fain Brandt

The LinkedIn Bakery